Alison Wannan


Alison is a lecturer in social research and policy and social work.  

Prior to joining UNSW as part time lecturer in 2019, Alison had over 3 decades experience working in human services. This ranged from working on community led projects in disadvantaged areas, to managing child protection, disability services and funding NGOs in Sydney to being a senior policy and program manager in community services and social housing.

Since 2014 Alison has been a Community Member of the Guardianship Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal      

Book Chapters
Wannan A, 2016, 'Rethinking case management and community development', in Moore E (ed.), Case Management Inclusive Community Practice, Oxford University Press, USA, pp. 210 - 230
Meekosha H; Wannan A; Shuttleworth R, 2015, 'The Politics of Diversity in Australia:extending the role of community practice', in Meade, R; Shaw, M; Banks S (ed.), Politics, Power and Community Development, Policy, Bristol, pp. 139 - 157,

2008-2012 Australian Post Graduate Award (Industry), UNSW 


SRAP 1000   Policy and Society

SRAP 5103   Research Project

SOCW3010  Organisational Practice