Melanie White

Deputy Head of School, Eduction - School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor

Melanie White is Deputy Head of School (Education) in the School of Social Sciences. She is Associate Professor in Sociology (Social Theory) and a Fellow of the UNSW Scientia Education Academy.

Melanie has always been fascinated by what we mean by the 'social.' Her current research concerns the place of biology and animality in the constitution of the discipline of sociology in 19C France. She has a particular interest in the social theories of Emile Durkheim, Gabriel Tarde, Henri Bergson, Michel Foucault and Georges Canguilhem.  She is interested in questions about the relations between habits & creativity, error & uncertainty, and finding the point at which the ordinary becomes extraordinary in everyday life.  She also enjoys rediscovering lost and forgotten thinkers and considering how they contribute to contemporary debates in social theory and our understanding of everyday life.  She has published in high-ranking international journals such as Body & Society, Journal of Classical Sociology and Economy and Society. Her book Bergson, Politics, and Religion co-edited with Alexandre Lefebvre (University of Sydney) is published with Duke University Press.

Melanie is also Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Book Chapters
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Journal articles
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Edited Books
White M; Lefebvre A, (ed.), 2012, Bergson, Politics, and Religion, Duke University Press, Durham,

2019   Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), UK

2019   The Michael Wearing Memorial Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision, UNSW Sydney

2018    UNSW Scientia Education Academy Fellow, 2019-2022

2017    Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence (General Category), UNSW Sydney

2016    Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision Award, ARC Postgraduate Student Council, UNSW Student Life and Dean of Graduate Research School, UNSW Sydney 

2015    Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence (General Category), Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW Sydney

2006    Nominated, Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching, Trent University, Canada

2002    Teaching Excellence Award, Carleton University Students' Association, Carleton University, Canada


Teaching Areas

Classical and Contemporary Social Theory


Current Teaching

ARTS1870 Rethinking the Social (T1 2021)


Honours Supervision (Completed Projects)

Zara Khan (2020) Order your essay today! Investigating the relationship between contract cheating services and student behaviours (Criminology, UNSW Sydney)

Dovber Seldowitz (2020) Women’s Leadership in the Contemporary Hasidic Community: Its Prevalence, Development, and Relation to Hasidic Religious Discourse (Sociology and Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Maya Ghattas (2019) In the Image of Death: A Nature Not Equal to Nature. (Sociology and Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Ellen Jacobs (2019) Disciplined Autonomy: A Synthesised Concept and its Holistic Analysis of Crime Prevention Techniques. (Sociology and Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Ida Ioannou-Marsh (2017) Political Purity and Innate Politics (Sociology and Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Victoria Rae (2017) Where have all the experts gone?  A sociological consideration of post-truth and non-traditional news outlets (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Yvette Kiddle (2016) Imitation to Educate Children:  What Happens to Liberty? (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Roxarne Moon (2015) In Defence of Home (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney), Recipient of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Honours Student Award

Nicholas Langley (2014) The Festival of Distraction: The Search for Community (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Rickie-Lee McLauren-Smith (2014) Uprooting Apathy: Towards Environmental Ethics of Care (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Holi Birman (2012) Stillness and Remembering the Self (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney), Recipient of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Honours Student Award

Paula Houseman (2012) The Cancer Myth (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney)

Na’ama Carlin (2010)  (W)riting the Body and the Circumcised Text (Sociology & Anthropology, UNSW Sydney), Recipient of the Sol Encel Honours Thesis Prize

Meagan Curtis (2008) Thomas Kuhn as Evolutionary Epistemologist (Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University, Canada)